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Do you think you and Vic are soul mates?


Idk. In the way that fate brings two people together to fill a space in time yeah. Sure he is. From the moment I met him our souls vibed the fuck out. But life changes and you must maintain a state of consciousness when in love. There isn’t just one person in the world for everyone. Those are naive, human ideologies to explain a feeling. In addition to the fate of it all, I’ve made a series of decisions that have led me to this point. Now I’m intentionally making decisions to maintain it. Because I’m in super duper love.

I realized recently that I’m my own soulmate. You have to be in love with yourself as much as you are with that person to be in a deep relationship. Otherwise, you’re nothing if it ends. And nobody’s nothing. And life moves on no matter who you say is your soulmate. Love remains.


It’s been an incredibly difficult five days with what’s happened in what I look at as my back yard. Last night watching the live feeds of what was happening in Ferguson, MO was absolutely unbelievable and I spent the entire night refreshing twitter feeling total shame and despair.

Today though, across the country there were little glimpses of light at this very dark tunnel. Being consumed by this level of anger feels exhausting, and take that with an incredibly huge grain of salt because that’s just what I with the privilege of being a white male am capable of feeling. I’m not capable of comprehending the real pain. At today’s NMOS14 demonstration in Chicago, an incredible number of people gathered on short notice. The assembly was peaceful. We listened to people express their hurt, their hope, their anger, and their drive to change things. Once my camera died (again, short notice on this rally), I biked straight to my computer to share the solidarity- if only here in Chicago.

I know this isn’t really the stuff I normally post on here, but I figure the one time I’m literally crying while taking pictures is probably a good time to post stuff. My gratitude goes to everyone organizing today, and not just here but everywhere.


M.i.a. Be really on some hood revolutionary music, and it’s so slept on


M.i.a. Be really on some hood revolutionary music, and it’s so slept on


Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart (Alan Parker, 1987)


when two of ur friends are closer to each other than they are to u


Taral Hicks as Keisha in Belly directed by Hype Williams (1998) 

The mouth should have three gatekeepers. Is it true? Is it kind? And is it necessary?
Arab Proverb (via madpout)